About the ET&ZEUS Co.

As a global foodservice franchising company, ET & ZEUS Co. has been operating the five brands.

Brands of ET & ZEUS Co.

Type of Food


Bulgogi Brothers

Korean BBQ Restaurant

The main brand of the ET & ZEUS Co.

Cheolpan & Budaejjigae Brothers

Korean Hot Pot Restaurant

Cheolpan means 'grilled pan' and Budaejjigae means the spicy sausage stew.

Selgomtang Brothers

Korean Restaurant

The soup is known the invigorating food in Korea because it gives you more energy and stays healthy.

Noodle 52

Asian Noodle Bistro

You can enjoy around fifty various Asian noodles and roll menus for one year (52 weeks).

Stone Pot Kitchen

Stone Pot Restaurant

"Hot Stone Pot" restaurant; Almost all of the menus are in the hot stone pot.

ET & ZEUS Inc. has been targeting to be a global foodservice franchising company through the standardization, popularization, and industrialization of Korean foods since 2006 when it was founded.

The company has launched the six brands and opened sixty one company operated stores, so ET & Zeus Inc. becomes one of the best foodservice franchising companies in Korea.

Our brands are Bulgogi Brothers, Stonepot Kitchen, Noodle 52, Seolgomtang Brothers, Ceolpan Budae Brothers, and Caribou Coffee.

The executives are Chairman, Intae Chung who is called Midas touch in the foodservice industry and President, Chaiwoo Yi who is known as a franchise expert. Bulgogi Brothers' employees are over one thousand three hundred.

The company's one of important purpose is the Korean food prosperity. ET & ZEUS Inc. has already launched restaurants in the Philippines, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia, and already made the license contract with Singapore, Thailand, and China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing). ET & Zeus Inc. becomes a global foodservice franchising company though Korean cultures and Korean styles.